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Did you ever listen about the method Salmanov to find or to keep the youth and over all the vitality of your body and your spirit as long as possible ? Renew our capillaries to use our mental and physical capacities all the way ? This desire is shared by many of us ! Advancing in years become a pleasure which is tasted every time in full awareness.

Do you want to know the ancestral secret of the Siberian people, used for hundreds of years and still now by Russian leaders ? It is sold in the Eastern Europe countries for more twenty years now and it is briefly taught to the health practitioners in schools.



In the middle of Northern Siberia, along the river Amur, generations of men and women take hyperthermic baths (more 40°) in which they pour some turpentine coming from a Siberian larch, which is able to resist to extreme temperatures, to – 70° and even growing through permafrost. These baths have amazing effects, in particular on blood circulation, through all the body.

At the beginning of the XXth century, a russian doctor, Alexandre Salmanov, was very interesting by these baths. He was the personal doctor of Lénine and his family. Former manager of all the spa towns of USSR, he studied the effects of the turpentine baths and achieved remarkable results on the return of essential functions of his patients. Then he recommended their use in all the spa treatments.

Graduated from the University of Moscow, he was the youngest professor of Medicine in Germany and later a Special Member of the Royal Academy of Medicine in Italy.  In the 30s, he opened his own clinic in Paris and became the father of the Capillotherapy.

Alexandre Salmanov vaisseaux capillairesAlexandre Salmanov conducted medical researchs in his clinic during nearly forty years. The results of his works were the healing for diseases which were considered like incurable and also spectacular rejuvenations. He explained, with an accessible to all style, the practical conclusions of his works in three books, in particular in Secrets et Sagesse du Corps(Secrets and Wisdom of the Body”) which was considered by the specialised European press like a “medical revolution”.

His third book, “Les Mille Chemins de la Guérison” (Thousands of Roads of the Healing) is a treasure of technical informations. Alexandre Salmanov gives in it his experience of the life, the illness, the ageing and the ways to remedy them. It is a posthumous book, a real testament of this clinician philosopher. For him, every aspect of Human Being must to be considered for his healing. Sometimes his reflexions are still of a strikingly relevant timeliness.

Discover “Secrets et Sagesse du Corps” and “Les Mille Chemins de la Guérison” in our online bookshop !



What did Alexandre Salmanov bring with the turpentine baths ? Why is the Capillotherapy so important ?

When we speak about the circulatory system, everybody think to arteries and veins. Sometimes we know that there are smaller veins : arterioles and venules. But when we tell “capillaries”, specially in France, a lot of people think to the hair and not to a network of very small veins which go through all of our body. However we have 100 000 kms of capillaries and they represent 80% of our circulation ! This shows how important they are !

vaisseau capillaire

These tiny veins are placed between the set of arteries which brings blood from the heart to the cells and the set of veins which brings it back from cells to the heart. The capillaries are in direct contact with the cells and give to them oxygen and nutrients. Then blood and lymph capillaries take toxins to lead them to veins. Capillaries are therefore the only ones to feed and clean the body cells.

Medicine generally ignore this part of our circulation and nevertheless the careless of these networks automatically leads to the ageing of the body. People of 70s have no more than 30% of their capillaries network in good health ! This shows the asphyxiation of their physical functions.

According to the age, capillaries close because of the proliferation of endothelial cells of their walls. If we open capillaries again, the blood circulation comes again and the cells are feeded and oxygenated again, thereby to the body to work properly, in particular in very irrigated by capillaries places, like brain, eyes, skin, hands, lungs, internal organs, peripheral blood circulation.

We are able to find a best memory, a bigger concentration again or to recover our skills in case of stroke. Capillaries are essential in the work of the eyes ( AMD, glaucoma and cataract). Fighting against wrinkles, finding the skin elasticity again are some of advantages of the capillaries opening, like the recovery of air cells, the decrease of the disease of Raynaud or a better work of liver, kidneys, intestines and even the heart which has its own capillaries network.

As told Alexandre Salmanov, in “Secrets et Sagesse du Corps” (chapter “La Vieillesse”), “the key of the so-called cell sclerosis of the age, like the key of every cell degeneration in general pathology, is in fact the lack of capillary irrigation. By restoring, even partly, the flow of capillaries, we restore the irrigations of the body tissues ; the half dead cells take their normal metabolism back. They free themselves from toxic waste, metabolites that clutter and suffocate the cellular micelles : the free of toxic waste cells now become able to receive an amount of nutritive substances. The action of the cellular ferments is free, the cellular life comes again.” It is essential to wake up, by the capillotherapy, the cell reaction.

What means are available now ?





For some years, Nicolas and Monika H. came back to France with a russian product they bought in a pharmacy in Poland, their birth country. They have just discovered it by a therapist friend and they are enthusiastic with its effects.

They showed it to the entire team and we tried it . It was made with little pale yellow pills which contain an only one active product: dihydroquercetin (or Taxifoline) extracted from a Siberian larch. That was the same tree than the one of the Salmanov baths’ turpentine.

We all appreciated the advantages of these pills, we shared them with our families and friends around us et we always go on taking them regularly with pleasure !

Personnally, during the first week, to my amazement, I felt little itch on my head skin and around my eyes, like tingles. The blood circulation correctly came back. Then these feelings disappeared. At the end of the second month, I realized that I put my glasses less often, especially when I looked my computer screen. At last I saw with pleasure the disappearing of some little wrinkles around my mouth.

Others had more important results, especially for problems with vision, their lungs, their brain activity or the circulation inside their legs.


Dihydroquercetin is a bioflavonoid which is extracted from the roots of the Siberian larch and which acts for the repair of capillaries’ walls. It opens the capillaries to allow the red cells going inside again. It fights against the proliferation of endothelial cells.

Contained in Capillar boxes, dihydroquercetin acts internally, directly repairing damaged capillaries. We do it with cures of three months.



Then, by a naturopath friend, we knew the existence of professor Alexandre Salmanov and his baths made with the turpentine of the same tree than the Capillar pills. We went to search them and we found them.

Alexandre Salmanov said that about them in his book “Secrets et Sagesse du Corps” (chapter Capillaropathie et capillarothérapie) : “For me, it’s not a question of seeking a specific therapy in opposition to well classified disease entities, but of healing, whatever diagnostic label, the disturbed functions of the ill body. And the reason of these disturbed functions mostly stays in capillaries.

That’s why, for 30 years, … I tried hard to act on the capillaries, to expand them when they are in spasm, to remove their paralytic languor, to improve their permeability, and that, in all the medicine matters, with results that, I am not afraid to tell it, are more consistent, more regurlaly obtained, more lasting than those of all the specific therapies.

The way of action I used, is warmth and cold, most often consisting of local or general baths. Their time, temperature, easily adjustable, are ways of action which are so precised, flexible and harmless … The hyperthermic baths are the more powerful and the more efficient solution, that it is about a blood-poisoning or about an arteritis, a diabetes, a glaucoma or a chronic rheumatism. To reduce the baths duration …, I developped, after years of searches, the formula of a solution that I name “Scapidar” and that we add in the baths and that allows more flexibility in the administration of the balneotherapy which, acting on the capillaries, richly deserve to become the principal weapon of the medical treatments of the future medicine.”

Alexandre Salmanov developped a yellow bath and a white bath which contain both turpentine from the Siberian larch and then different ingredients. Coming inside by the skin, they gradually go to act on all the capillaries of the body, allowing to the red cells to move again.


The yellow bath, with its ingredients, is going to dilate capillaries and, on the contrary, the white bath is going to close them. The mix of these two baths forces the blood to move everywhere in the body, avoids the venous stagnation in which bacteria can appear.

Since russian people worked again on formulas of these two baths in order to use them from 37°, with the same efficiency. So people who can’t take hyperthermic baths because of warmth, are able to take advantages of their composition for their capillaries.

According to the last pupil of Professor Salmanov, Doctor Adèle D., 95 years old, plenty of physical and intellectual strenght and with which we are in contact with interest and happiness, it’s better to take baths one or two times by week, mixing 50/50 the two baths and without overtaking 39 to 40°. Without a bath, it’s also possible to take local baths, feet baths or forearm baths.



Then another product exists. It also comes from Russia and contains dihydroquercetin. It acts less deeply but is very efficient : the “Baume Capillar”.

baume salmanov capillar

It is a cream which has an effect, going inside by skin, on capillaries and which also contains camphor and mentha piperita, effective anti pains especially with headaches, oedemas, impacts, arthroses, soreness in muscles or joints …

Easy to carry or to have into a bag, this cream also finds its place in my kitchen or my bathroom, even for me, my children, my grandchildren or my dog.


A few years ago, I gave to my “boxer” Sirius one pill of Capillar by day because soon 10 years old, I found him less alive. He had also a spot in his eye. At the end of the first week, he jumped like a young dog during our daily walks in forest. Some times later, the spot had reduced, he saw better.



The restoring of our capillaries network is a basic element of our health. All your body will grant you, keeping a physical and intellectual energy. You better enjoy your Life.

Alexandre Salmanov told us : ” We have to die young, 90 years old.” and he did it.

I invite you to discover and to take full advantages of his teachings in his two books :

“Secrets et Sagesse du Corps” and “Les Mille Chemins de la Guérison” in our bookshop.

Go ahead and restore your capillaries network with products directly coming from Russia !

Another press reports about the Salmanov baths :, passeportsanté.net (Raïssa Blankoff) and alternative-santé.fr


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